Go4 Broker Overview

Your data is safe and it is yours! We only make use of reputable data warehouses and system administrators as is required by legislation and can give a data export to you at any time requested.

The first month is on us! – You will not be billed during your first month of use as we believe that the proof is in the pudding. Test it out and see if it works for you.

We are able to export requested blocks of data to Excel.

API Integrations with Third Party systems and or black box rating available.

Document Builder – we are able to capture any of your existing documents and map fields within the system to these documents, double capturing is a thing of the past…

We can also import data (like client information) from Excel files, making loading of client or policy information a very easy affair.

Make your POPI and TCF requirements a part of your business without having to complete reports and documents.

All of this can be done on your smartphone, laptop or tablet! Get with the times and make the move to a technology driven future with Go4Broker!

In today’s world of so many multiple systems being used for operating a short-term insurance office, over-regulation and administrative burdens while still having service to clients front of mind, we have developed a system that brings all of this into one place!

Clients’ module

Everything done in the system is linked to a chosen client. On clients page you will have immediate access to any quote, claim, instruction, compliance files, complaints, communications for the particular client.

Claims module

Easy to register a new claim with relevant claim form auto-generated. Keep track of claim with progress reports and load internal claims procedures to be followed. Documents can be added via our new drag and drop functions.


Automatic generation of relevant compliance documents, eliminating the need to repeat same information on different forms. We even make the forms look exactly like your own!


Multiple reports available on Quotations, Claims, Renewals, Clients and Underwriting. We even have a birthday report sent from system to your inbox to remind you of client’s special day!

Broker Tools

Vehicle Valuator, Property Calculator, Task Manager, Bulk mailer function to filtered clients, SMS communication functions and more.

Underwriting module

Instructions (amendments, cancellations, renewals, notification of unpaid premiums etc) are loaded per client with perfect recordkeeping. Outstanding instructions are flagged on the dashboard for monitoring by KI’s or management.

Quotation’s module

Send multiple quotation requests (to different insurers) by only loading the information once, great for keeping track of quotes and recordkeeping of turnaround times.

A revolutionary new web-based software system for Brokers, Administrators and Underwriting Managers to service the needs of clients across all products…

In an ever-changing digital world, the insurance industry should also stay in the game and make use of the latest and newest developments available…

Introducing a wonderful new online tool for Asset management, Fleet management and many more applications…

Introducing a wonderful new online tool for Product Specific Training, Internal examinations and many more applications..

We have developed a web based software system for complaints management that ensures General Code…

If you are a customer that does surveys on a regular basis for whatever field you are in, then this system is for you…

Our suite of software products speaks directly to short term insurance financial services providers. We believe in innovation, automation and insuretech as the pillars of our business.

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